We consistently monitor the evolution of payments technologies in order to incorporate them into our own ecosystem and share these technological and/or operational benefits with our clients.

Our philosophy is to invest in the advanced technologies that will consistently deliver to the Payments industry the solutions that will securely address the genuine long-term payment processing needs of financial institutions, thus allowing them to better serve their customers.

In order to achieve cost-effective client enablement, we adopt a hands-on approach to technical implementation, operational rollout, and brand and/or market awareness.

We believe that by allowing clients and consumers to trust and identify with our products and solutions are fundamental to product adoption.

Our objective is also to provide a strong core operational capability that can adapt to the specific legal, social and economic particularities found in different regions of the world, even at time between neighboring countries.

Today, payment products and solutions must be intuitive, user-friendly, address a wide range of genuine needs, as well as be versatile and function-rich.

Our business is creating value for our clients

Our approach and track record in the Payments industry relies on the following:

Deep market understanding: to identify trends and new technologies (or payment methods) that will impact the Payments sector over the medium and long-term.

Knowing what consumers want: although Consumers are often limited to use the payment solutions that are available to them, increasingly, the availability of the alternative payment methods made possible by new technologies now provides Consumers with choice. Today it is important to know how Consumers want to buy; ultimately they drive the market.

Meeting financial sector challenges: the availability to the Consumer of a broad spectrum of payment methods has resulted in a far more challenging environment for traditional sector players such as Acquiring or Issuing Banks. Understanding how these challenges will impact their revenues is central to bridging their needs with those of Consumers.

Innovative solutions: as industry insiders, we are permanently on the lookout for new technologies, systems or payment methods. Consequently we are always in a position to identify ahead of time the “next big thing”.

Superior security technology: without security, there is no Payments industry. That is why we always embed end-to-end state of the art encryption in all our solutions.

Professional team: we call upon proven experts in Payments, technological developments and marketing new payments solutions to deliver value to our clients.

Exciting cost-effective products: nowadays, products must be intuitive, user-friendly, address a wide range of real needs, as well as versatile and function-rich. The products must also seamlessly integrate the operator’s ecosystem and rapidly achieve economies of scale for the financial institution. We have proven that we know how to reconcile sometimes-contradictory objectives.

Embedded branding and marketing: we believe that providing clients with the tools needed to promote and sell products to their customers gives our clients a genuine competitive advantage.

Long-term value creation: by definition, the Payments sector is a long-term proposition. Investments into infrastructure systems commit our clients to business strategies that will fundamentally impact their ability to serve their customers and earn revenue. Our objective is to ensure that our solutions will accompany our clients in the years providing a competitive edge now and in the future.


Our drive towards Global Processing

In order to assist our clients in dealing with a rapidly-evolving, fragmented and increasingly consumer-driven market, Rising Sun aims towards becoming a global provider of sophisticated cost-efficient eCommerce and payment processing services to financial institutions, governments and merchants.

We deliver payment solutions tailored to regional and local market requirements, including:

Issuing and consumer finance processing

License software solutions for payment processing

Acquiring processing and switching

Merchant acquiring

ATM & POS management

Value-added services such as risk and fraud management

Key challenges addressed by Rising Sun

Growth in mobile and cashless payments driven by:

Increasing demand for convenience by customers

Digital revolution transforming and extending into smartphone and tablet market

Push from merchants & businesses alike to accept credit card payments


Asia Pacific the absolute volume growth leader

Protect financial information

Deter fraudulent transactions

Outperform traditional models