RS-DB | Dematerialized Banknotes

Rising Sun Emblem dematerialized banknotes

RS-DB is the bridge between an increasing global need for digital money and the complex regulatory, and monitoring mandate of central banks.

What is RS-DB?

RS-DB is a digital currency that has the advantage of being based on the same open system principle as printed banknotes. As it is issued within the Rising Sun Money Technology Standard (RS-MTS) secure and validated architecture, RS-DB will be recognized internationally and will be exchanged for goods and services, just as traditional banknotes.

What is RS-MTS?

RS-MTS aims to provide the secure architecture and technology, which central banks need to issue digital currencies that can be exchanged as securely as traditional banknotes. RS-MTS also lays the foundation through RS-MTS certification to become the industry standard.

How will RS-DB benefit consumers?

Since the system embeds international standards, reliable and secure operations as well as regulatory guidelines, banks, mobile operators and new digital age service providers can provide existing customers a far richer offer and purchase experience through a trusted digital currency. With 6 billion mobile phones in the world today, all consumers will enjoy this new exciting transaction channel, including the unbanked.

Why RS-DB empowers central banks?

Because RS-DB is built around the RS-MTS infrastructure it enables central banks to progressively introduce dematerialized banknotes and to proactively manage cash flow solutions in the digital age. This in turn, allows central banks to embrace currencies issued from new technologies and to track in real-time the integration into the economy and the impact of this new currency.

How does RS-DB work?

RS-DB is a dematerialized banknote that uses innovative coding used from the very moment the moment the dematerialized banknote is created. It contains the codes, which central banks need to issue currencies and monitor money flows within the economy.

Why is RS-DB a game changer?

RS-DB is guaranteed as are all existing banknotes and its technology will greatly enhance the management of gigantic flows of data to financial institutions featuring real-time transaction statistics.

As a result, central banks can stimulate economic growth by structuring, integrating, and controlling, the decentralized and fragmented world of digital currency into the traditional money supply, empowering the unbanked and creating new economic activity in the process.