epas is a unique processing and accounting program especially designed for the payments industry by sector specialists.


What is epas?

Following years of development, epas has become a unique processing and accounting program especially designed for the payments industry by sector specialists. The epas platform main objectives are:

Ensure transaction traceability and guaranteed reporting accuracy

Provide a superior, scalable service level without requiring PSPs or large merchants to invest in large processing infrastructures

Provide bank-standard security throughout every stage of the transaction

To put at the disposal of payment service providers low cost data management tools capable of achieving mainframe computing tasks

Embed automated accounting functions to streamline settlements and service provider payments

The uniqueness of the epas processing and accounting system is that it runs several sophisticated data cross-verifications from both internal and external sources. By comparing verified consolidated invoices emanating from both the system and the service payment provider results in utilizing standard hardware to achieve the precision associated with large processing infrastructures without the onerous costs associated with data center computing power.

Sophisticated accounting tools for boosting productivity

By incorporating epas into his ecosystem, the PSP benefits from a host of features providing him with a competitive edge. epas is an outstanding productivity tool that delivers at an affordable price the computing power that has been reserved until now to very large organizations.

Its features also include:

Audit of service provider invoices

Adapts to any invoicing method

Integrated Incident Analysis Module

Merchant Invoicing management tools

Ability to integrate epas into any traditional accounting environment

epas high-performance transaction reconciliation, accounting and reporting will integrate into the PSP’s operation without requiring him to alter his existing infrastructure.

The PSP can enjoy a new level of accuracy and save time and money in the process. epas has proven itself over many years of activity within our acquiring environment and is available either as a built-in feature of our gateway or as a stand-alone product.