goSwiff™ is an innovative mobile commerce platform and marketing services provider, creating value for clients both on line and at the point of sale.

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Rising Sun Merchant Services Pte Ltd was the original investor and founder of goSwiff, one of the first end-to-end mPOS platform on the market.

goSwiff’s private label end-to-end platform allows fast, easy and secure payments with seamless integration and authentication. Its complementary suite of products includes also payment gateways, loyalty management, card readers and Data & Analytics.

goSwiff helps banks and MNOs to acquire new merchant clients and to engage better with the existing ones

goSwiff supports merchants to increase both quality and quantity of transactions

goSwiff provides consumers with a more rewarding buying experience

Incorporated in 2010 and headquartered in Singapore, goSwiff delivers solutions & services to clients worldwide, currently in 25 countries.

goSwiff mPOS – Helping banks & merchants rapidly deploy mobile payment solutions

goSwiff mPOS is designed for secure cashless payments between individuals, merchants & financial institutions.

Its mPOS platform allows fast, easy and secure card transactions anytime, anywhere. goSwiff technology enables smartphones and tablets combined with card readers to create an affordable and rapid to deploy mobile payment solution.

goSwiff’s Multi-Factor Authentication is built-in on the open-architecture platform that is highly scalable and allows seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

goSwiff mPOS solution offers worldwide credit card acceptance with Chip & PIN, Chip & Sign and Swipe & Sign solutions, and includes EMV Level 1 & 2 certified card readers, PCI certified payment gateway, management portal and developer tools.